Resonance Parts 1, 2, and 3 now streaming! 

I knew when I began this project that its chance of succeeding commercially was minuscule. There are just too many market forces aligned against what I've created. Still, I am hopeful that in the long run Resonance will be discovered and given its due. I just need the right people in the right places to hear it. I know I've done a pretty lousy job of marketing it – for example I've yet to even approach a label or a publisher. Before I release the fourth and final album, I may throw a listening party and invite everyone I know who has ties to the music industry. In the meantime, I now have three albums out there, getting some play on non-commercial radio and the occasional thoughtful review. So here's hoping for the best! 

Releasing Resonance Parts 2-4 

Hardly anybody buys albums any more, yet I decide to "break in" with a four-album narrative. Then I make a web site and a blog for it. The only reason this doesn't seem like a sad ego-trip is because I'm not selling anything. All profits from the music will go into a charitable gift trust. I am fortunate in my life and want to give something back. That sounds like ego too, but if you really believe in your ideas, and those ideas might help in even the smallest way, then just do it.

I hired a PR/radio firm to help get some interest in the first album. As you can imagine, my phone isn't exactly blowing up. But we'll see. In any case, they advised that I should release the albums 30-60 days apart. That makes sense from a marketing perspective, but if you like Part 1 you might not want to wait five months to hear the ending. 

Do you think I should release the other albums sooner, and, if so, how soon? If anyone's out there, please post!

Let love commence,
Chris Esse