1. Breaking Bad


He worked so hard to keep us alive
No such thing as nine to five
Teaching by day and selling by night, resisting the urge to give up the fight
He shouldn’t have taken that terrible loan – he promised college for his adoring son

What a terrible day, he lost his position
He said, Simon, don’t worry, I’ll pay your tuition
I blamed myself, I wanted revenge – I relive those days again and again
Mother is wasted and will never get clean – I buried my father when I was 16

Breaking bad, Breaking bad

He left me a letter, a secret to keep
An apology wrapped in a shocking reveal
His date with death was carefully staged
To set us free from poverty’s cage

Ah, what have you done, oh father of mine, can such a dark deed lead me to light
He said I must sue and settle for cash – I’ll get more than enough to study my math

Breaking bad, Breaking bad

But don’t stop there, he strongly urged
You must help others break from the herd
Do whatever it takes to get filthy rich
And make their plutocracy your sorry bitch

From that point on I never looked back, I never paused to consider my tack
I dishonored the will of my martyred dad by distorting his wish and breaking bad

Breaking bad, Breaking bad
Breaking bad, Breaking bad